I am forever getting asked questions.  I am inviting you all to ask some questions via my web site and I will honestly answer  you all.

3 Responses to “Questions.”

  1. Bernie, been waiting months for you to accept my friend request will it ever happen?

  2. The Holgate-Ghost says:

    Bernie , have you fallen out with Radio Brownlie .

  3. PeterSwallow says:

    1) How do you put up with Mickey Horswill? He cant have anything bad about Sunderland said, and if people stump him he jumps straight onto Newcastle. If Malcolm does the same he then jumps down his throat. I remember a saturday legends last year where he gave Houghton and Strachan stick for their prematch interviews, Bruce says some nonsense as well and Mickey praises him. Insufferable.

    2) Do you think the financial situation at MFC is worse than they make out, I regularly get into arguments about it saying we have to reduce the wage bill by £10m and are only halfway there, and people are now expecting incoming transfers. But is it worse, Malcolm often mentions the banks being involved and you dont question him.

    All the best Bernie, hope they bin off the Saturday Legends so you can get to the games this season.

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