Darlington 4, Middlesbrough 2.

Despite only a 12 mile journey from Teesside to Darlington, tickets £5 and £10 and a scorching afternoon, only 1,185 boro fans turned up out of the 3,000 attendance. (If only Juninho had turned out this afternoon.)

You can never read too much into pre season games, its all about getting your touch and timing right, getting to know your new team mates (if any), shape of the team, if your  a striker scoring goals and if your a defender keeping a clean sheet. Never the less we were playing Darlington a blue square premier outfit and you expect to win but things don’t always go to plan. Certain players gave a good account of themselves, Lita, Bailey and Emnes. Kink played on left wing with Robson on the right, neither delivered any quality balls into the box. Zemmama for me flattered to deceive and was never greatly involved. McManus and Williams the two centre backs have to work at their partnership. Grounds and McMahon the full backs never got going. Danny Coyne the goal keeper was at cause for two out of the four goals and the game ended 4-2 to Darlo. Credit must go to the Quakers they passed the ball around, kept possession well and put plenty of quality balls into our box. The players that caught the eye were Michael Smith, Liam Hatch, James Walshaw.

Pluses from a boro point of view, another game towards full match fitness, Lita grabbing a goal and a lot of youngsters getting a run out in the second half.

4 Responses to “Darlington 4, Middlesbrough 2.”

  1. PeterSwallow says:

    We were dreadful Bernie, i cant think of a single positive.

    Coyne and the defence were a disgrace. Simply put the ball high into the box and you will score, we cant handle it.

    The midfield created nothing, couldnt keep the ball, break down darlo, or win the ball back. Literally no positives and with the changes we got worse, that martin was awful.

    The strikers didnt really get much chance, but they arent that good and need 5 chances to slot away one, and I will be very surprised if both are hear come portsmouth let alone september.

    21st place is Boros best hope for next season.

    Oh and dont forget a newcastle youth side battered darlo.

  2. Paul McLaine says:

    Disappointing result, But if I am critical in one area it’s our defence and definetly need an experienced keeper. Money or no money it obviously needs sorting sooner rather than later.

  3. sgtpepper says:

    Firstly if TLF had turned out this afternoon I have no doubt we would have won Bernie.
    You really should’nt be sinking to that kind of low remark mate you are bigger than that and hopefully you don’t damage you great reputation with us Boro loyals.
    Has for the match well it was a friendly and like you say nothing should be read out of it.
    I personally never take any notice to them just lookout for the youngsters that are given a chance and see if they are blending.
    Although I will take a bigger interest in the PSV game if only to see TLF play his final cameo role.Bet you’ll be waiting to grab his autograph eh Bernie.lol

  4. ScotsBoroFan says:

    PeterSwallow, why do you bother commenting on our beloved Boro if you’re only going to slate them? You do and say the exact same on the Gazette forum, but under a different name, AlfFisher!

    And sgtpepper, I completely agree with your comment, lets just see how we are performing come the start of the new season before panicking!

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