Back to the dark ages at Boro.

Any Boro fan who genuinely believes that things are going to get better in the January transfer window, are either deluded, intoxicated or on the border line of insanity.

How can things get better when you are selling your best players, yet again in the month of January, while you are lying joint 4 bottom in the championship.

If you are in trouble like we are and are selling for whatever reason, you are looking for more trouble.

I have been in Teeside 25 years in October, and I have interviewed managers of the past, only to find similarities in our situation as a football club as it stands today.

I remember interviewing John Neal, who arrived at Middlesbrough in 1977. He was forced to sell Graeme Souness, but he accepted it because it was circumstances, but he did admit it was disruptive, he also sold Mills. After selling those players, he started to get things back on track, only for the board to decide to go over his head and sell one or two which he objected to. He was quoted as saying, ” they sold quite a few, but there was a reason behind them, but when they just started selling my players that i wanted to build into a championship side, the writing was on the wall. Craig Johnstone went to Liverpool Mark Proctor went to Notts Forest. When I left they also sold Spike Armstrong.”

I also recall interviewing Malcolm Allison, manager in 1982 (god rest him), and asking when he was been forced to sell his best players to enable him to finance the clubs debts, he was quoted as saying,” Its better for the club to die than to linger on.” I asked what did he mean? To which he replied, ” Well they were selling all their best players, they were just killing off the club. Amer did it, McCulluch did it, the people love their football, how can you sell your best players, I don’t understand it.”

I then asked him, these days its a business isn’t it Mal to which he replied “It has always been a business.Mike McCulluch told me he didn’t have the money, I in return said if you don’t have any money you shouldn’t be chairman then.”

The one condition that Big Mal joined the Boro was that they would not sell any players that he didn’t want to sell, unfortunately the goal posts moved.

As a Tony Mowbray fan, I have to question his sanity joining the club, he knew we were struggling under Strachan, he must have done his homework and known the majority of players were not up to scratch, and he must have known in advance that he would have to sell his best players in January. They say love is blind, it must have been on this occasion.

Moggas job is made three times more difficult, been forced to sell his best players.

As I have said in the past its the manager who gets the sack.If we falter or get relegated, Moggas CV wont look as appealing

Theres no doubt its not only Mogga who is making the decisions, but Im afraid its only Moggas head that will roll, just ask Gareth Southgate.

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  1. Paul Jameson says:

    If you’ve “been in Teeside 25 years in October” Bernie, perhaps it’s about time you learnt how to spell it!!!

  2. thelittlefella says:

    i’m afraid gibson is a modern day amer, yes he brought us success but for the past five years he’s lied from his back teeth and it annoys me how so many fans can think he’s done nothing wrong

  3. ccole says:

    Bernie, I see once again you are telling us things we already know, that we are pot less, down in the dumps, and have a mountain to climb. Which part of the Boro fan base do you feel the need to point that out too?

    Why don’t you tell us how you would turn things around, with the resources available to Mogga? Thinking that someone will come along, wipe out the clubs debts, and throw £10m into the transfer market is not reality. How would that person every get his money back?

    You indicate that we should keep Wheater, Boyd, and GON, but we cant afford them. Most fans know that pushing us further into debt by keeping these players will only damage the club further.

    A line has to be drawn in the sand, and our faith put into a manager who cares for the club and we know will work hard to move us up the table. We are not a premiership club any more. We need to build up to that level again.

    You need to get a grip, stop harping on about what’s gone on in the past, and try to look at the positives or suggest some real world solutions to move our club forward.

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