Strachan gets what he deserves.

I said after the Leeds game on Saturday , that I wouldn’t be surprised if Gordon Strachan was sacked before Monday.

I wasnt wrong.

Gordon Strachans departure was inevitable.

After a year in charge, we had not improved one iota, football was average, away results were abysmal,worst league position in 20 years and he still doesn’t know his best team.

In wasn’t just on the field that Strachan let himself down, off the field during post match interviews, he became an embarrassment to himself, the club and the fans.

He was arrogant, obnoxious, sarcastic, cutting and rude. He came across to me like a man who was on the boarderline of insanity.

With the club 2 points off the relegation zone and the home fans chanting ‘Strachan out’ chairman Steve Gibson was under severe pressure.The only way he could relieve this pressure from himself and the club was to part company with the manager.

The chairman was quoted as saying after the departure, ‘Gordon is a great man of great integrity, he has torn up his contract and walked away without compensation, because he felt it was in the best interests of this football club.’

The question must be asked, if Strachan had not ripped up his contract, how long would it have taken us to sack him?

I personally think that there has been an agreement and settlement behind the scenes.

I don’t believe for a minute anyone would walk away from a 2 and a half year contract.

On Sky Tv Steve Gibson was quote as saying,’ He tore his contract up, but I wouldn’t say resigned.’ What does this actually mean?

With Strachan pulling out of the press conference yesterday morning and Steve Gibson, going on a radio show that was organised over a week ago and with the manager departing on this day, suggests to me it was pre- planned in advance.

Who is next for the hot seat?

The names been branded about, are Mowbray, Souness, Curbishley, Brown, Oneil, Keegan, Ince to name but a few.

I personally would choose between Middlesbrough past greats, Mogga and Graeme Souness.

Both know the area, both know the mindset of the public, both have experience and both would put bums on seats.

As far as I know, Mogga hasn’t been given compensation from Celtic yet. That could put him out of the reckoning.

Souness on the other hand, has no ties except for his media duties.

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  1. couscous says:

    At last – he’s gone. I had the pleasure of watching my 2 boys being the mascots against Athlone in Pre-season, and met with the players and Strachan after the match, before hand I always felt he was the wrong choice to manage us, but as a person he was lovely, fantastic to my boys, a real gent. But as the season went on, and the result?! -wellhe had to go. I would like Mogga, (only for the truely romantic reasons, Souness – not sure, he doesnt excite me. O’Neill would be the obvious stadium filler, But I hope the name I keep hearing does NEVER Materialise – GARY MEGSON – come on Gibbo, do us proud. Even GLenn Hoddle is available, him before Megson.
    Slaven your a true legend, just a shame I cant get the 3 Legends here in Eire, badly missed.
    Up the BORO!!!!!

  2. Al Glasgow says:

    I put 20 quid on Ince. It was 14-1 last night is now 3-1….. I heard last week Strachan was going after the Leeds game regardless of result, and On Friday I was told (by the same chap) Ince will be next manager

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    Ince or Mogga for me they know the club and area which has to be a big factor in this appointment.

  4. leslavio says:

    strachan has been such a let down had hoped he would have been the one but no such luck. Just hope that we are not going to get megson as I think attendances will fall again. Everybody I talk to say no way will they go to the Riverside if he is put in charge

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