Nottingham forest 1, Middlesbrough 0.

As it stands at this minute the relegation battle is on.

Another away defeat, another away game without a goal and another step in the wrong direction.

I don’t know a Boro fan who expected anything else out of tonight’s game after whats gone on since Sunday.

Last night Steve Gibson was quoted as saying,he will take his time regarding the new manager.

The quicker the appointment is made, the better it will be for players and fans alike.

I hope whoever takes over the hot seat, has done his homework and is aware of the task and battle ahead.

He will be joining a club that has no money, no pace, no left back, no outside right, no goal scoring mid fielder and a young inexperienced rookie goal keeper.

If we did achieve what looks like mission impossible and gain promotion, it would be highly unlikely we would have any funding to compete in the top flight.I suppose we can worry about that if and when we get there.

I must praise stand in manager Steve Agnew, I listened to his post match interview after tonight’s game and he has spoke more sense in 5 mins than Strachan did in 12 months.

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