Mowbray returns!

Mowbray returns

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  1. couscous says:

    I can see it now. Mogga and the lads form 1986 – with Brucey all being saluted on the pitch, live commentry from Ali – before the Bristol City match – i know – i’m getting carried away. But its great, fantastic, amazing, well done Gibbo, well doe Boro, well done the FANS.

    i wish I was living back in the boro now, i too have been gone 19 yrs, so good luck Mogga, and go on ‘fly us to the moon’ – we can only go up now. Give Mogga all the best from the West of Ireland, a fanatic Boro-exile.

  2. BoroBhoy81 says:

    Love it love it!!!

    I havnt been since the loss to Leicester at home on a dark cold Tuesday evening when Garth was last in charge, however my hero is BACK!

    20years ago i was a 9 year old kid loving everything about my local football team, i was tall and with that i was always placed in the centre of defence by my coaches. My hero……Tony Mowbray aka ‘Mogga’.

    I still remember going to Jack Hatfields and getting the number 4 sticthed onto my Heritage Hampers shirt, with my brother always going for the number 7!!! (wonder who that was ey?), this Friday i’m back off to the club shop with my shirt and the famous ‘Mogga’ name will be pu back on! oh how i cried when we sold him to Celtic, now he’s back and i for one CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    Well done Gibbo. Good luck mogga. Come on Boro!

    ‘MOGGA’ 1 OF US !

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    This will be my first game since Southgates last game when we beat Derby and were 1point of Newcastle (HOW LONG AGO DOES THAT SEEM NOW??) I’m optimistic, given our next 3 games Mowbray will never have a better chance of putting a run togeather

  4. mancboro says:

    Bernie – how about you becoming our striking coach and showing these lots how to score goals? You speak the same language as Boyd – tell him what it is all about. Forget the European adventure and 12 years in the Premier League – 86, Ayresome Park, the struggle – that is our history.

    I’m making my yearly pilgrimage for the game against Palace and looking forward to some goals.

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