Middlesbrough 1, Leeds 2.

In the first half, we were second best all over the park.

All the vital ingredients that have been lacking throughout this season were evident yet again, no cohesion,understanding or confidence and the balance of the team was lopsided.

Leeds out-passed and out- classed us in every department.

At times Leeds looked as if they had an extra man and we were left chasing shadows.

In the second half, we started off the brighter side,finally putting the Leeds rear guard under pressure.

Boyd who I thought was Middlesbroughs man of the match grabbed an equalizer.

After the goal we were looking for Boro to kick on, but it didn’t happen.

If you analyse the 90 mins, we performed for 15 mins only.

That I am afraid is not enough to win a game of football.

I watched the Strachan interview after the game and he showed his rudeness yet again as he sucked and chewed on a form of energy bar,( the Boro fans will be hoping it is poison.)

When quized about being under pressure and that his job is more or less under threat, he finished off by saying “Que-sera-sera.”

As I write this post at this minute, I wouldn’t be surprised if Strachan is not the manager come Monday.

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  1. Smoggie Phil says:

    Strachan out now!!

  2. Sea_Harrier says:

    The two Leeds centre backs had Boyd, and whom-so-ever was up front with him at the time, completely in their pocket.

    Yesterday’s display was a shambles, and how Wheater and O’Neill can come on BBC Radio Tees and say that we were the better of the two teams is beyond belief.

    Perhaps Wheater and O’Neill should lower their opinions of themselves, and the team’s performance, dramatically to enable realism into the current situation.

  3. I guess McClaren wasn’t that bad after all ey Bernie? Strachan has to go now, if gibbo does nothing like when he should have sacked Southhgate in January 2008 when we got beat by then bottom of the league west brom, then we might aswel write this season off.
    Get mogga in!!

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    Best case Scenario: Boro go unbeaten for the rest of the season

    They still wont make the top two they are too far behind

    Good Scenario: Boro click and start performing well

    They wont make the play offs as they are too far behind

    Actual Scenario: We carry on as is

    Boro will go down.

    The players lack the simple basics of football. The players cant defend, no one at the club can tackle(thats a lie one can, Ill come to him later) Becchios goal was a great finish but it came about because the players cant tackle, when you go in for a challenge, end up on your backside and the ball 5 yards behind you, that isnt a tackle. They lack positional sense, their aerial presence is bewilderingly bad and there are simply no positives. Stephen McManus what has happened to you

    Going forward anyone with an ounce of football sense knows you dont hit a long ball straight, the defender will eat it up. Boro did this time and time and time and time again. Hit it diagonally.

    The only two players I can give ANY credit to are Matthew Bates and Kris Boyd. Bates did reasonably well considering he was out of position and considering he is a centre back was the only player looking to get forward. Boyd worked hard and always looked dangerous.

    As for the others;
    Steeles distribution was awful
    Wheater and McManus are shocking, their mistakes are the reason confidence is so low
    Arca is not a footballer
    Kink delivered the worst performance I have saw in a Boro shirt, DGL didnt even play as bad as that.
    Tavaras is a defensive midfielder to scared to tackle, whats the point?
    Gary O’Neil made the wrong decisions all game, but is the only player at the club, he time and time again tackles HIMSELF
    Bailey please play this guy in central midfield, he is not a left winger
    McDonald is trying to hard, let him play in the reserves for a game or two, bang a couple in and
    then will be himself again

  5. Smoggie Phil says:

    How is Gordon Strachan still in a job?

    Strachan’s league record since taking over PL 43 W 12 D 13 L 18 going off last season that would have us in 20th place which is were we are now.When you consider our home form is slipping away now aswell one point out of the last six we are in a relegation battle do the club realise this Bernie?Because everytime i hear interviews from players they are talking about promotion we are a million miles away from that.

  6. bernieslaven says:

    Hi ALL

    I heard Wheater and Oneils comments after the game,if they genuinley believe we were the better team against Leeds united they along with Strachan are deluded and kidding themselves on.

    The only simularities between Mclaren and Strachan is they both have ginger hair.

    The best case scenario, go unbeaten for the rest of the season? There is more chance of Newcastle united winning the premier league.

    The only ones who realise we are in a relegation battle is the fans, the club from top to bottom are so up their own arses, that they cant see the obvious.

  7. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie I know there is no chance that Boro will go unbeaten for the rest of the season, I was making the point that even if the miracle did happen we would still miss out as we have had such a bad start we cant catch up.

    Bernie I hope you talk about Boro putting the game on at 5.20 on saturday due to greed and are hence to blame for all the trouble on saturday night. The rest of the media are ignoring it

  8. flyingferret says:

    At last! Damage is done now but credit to Strachan for tearing up his contract. Play offs still a slim hope but we need to start with a win tomorrow

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