Middlesbrough 1, Bristol City 2.

Well I went along to the Riverside today as my radio commitments and duties are put back until tomorrow, for the North East derby clash Newcastle against Sunderland.

Of course I had to make the effort, not just to support the team but also my ex team mate and newly appointed manager Mogga.

Going into the game, I would have put my money on a 2-0 victory, the reason for my confidence was we were at home, up against rock bottom Bristol, and of course a new manager in place, how wrong I was.

In patches especially in the first half we played some decent stuff, created 4 or 5 good chances, scoring once, the opener was a slick move down the right hand side, involving McMahon, Taveres and Macdonald and finished off by Boyd.

Young Williams was top man in the first half, good on the eye, skillful, direct and had a great shot saved by James.

In the second half I was surprised to see Mogga changing the formation, he went from 4-3-1-2 to 4-4-2, with young Williams switching to the right wing, then left where he disappeared and didn’t receive any service. On 68 mins he was replaced by Bailey.

For me that was the wrong decision.

We ended the game playing 4-3-3 formation, we had our chances and failed to convert.

Bristols winner Marvin Elliot was unstoppable.

Bates at left back was terrible, not the boys fault or Moggas, Strachan is to blame for letting Taylor and Grounds go out on loan, 2 natural left footed players.

Taveres control, passing and movement was poor.

Thompson couldn’t pass the parcel, I will give him the benefit of the doubt as he is not match fit.

Another 3 points down the swanny, but as an attacking force we were more creative and had more chances.

Unfortunately on the day they all went abegging.

At the end of the game, I took in Moggas press conference, but unfortunately, I never heard a word he said,as the microphone and speakers were dead.It was the same scenario at the start of the season under Strachan.

I know we might be struggling financially in some quarters, but surely we can get the PA system sorted,otherwise there is no point in us holding press conferences.

If we were top of the league, the PA system might work!

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    I was disgusted with yesterdays performance. For the third time in a row Boro have found themselves losing with a large proportion of the second half remaining and havent had a single shot on target, and to be honest barely a shot at all.

    The midfield was embarrassing, Robson couldnt stay on the right, he was constantly straying around at one point he got the ball in the right wing played it to the left wing and then moaned when no one was there. Why because he should of been there.

    Thomson is blatantly not fit and should be no where near the side, he must go down as one of the worst signings have ever made.

    I lost a great deal of respect for Mowbray when I saw he was deploying Tavaras on the right. He is a defensive midfielder and not a good one at that, what was he doing in a position where we need cutting passes, pace and the ability to pass. Tavaras was a crab and my worst player on the day. Smallwood, Kink, or Bailey would have all done a better job. Even Hoyte would have been worth a shot on there, he would have done more than this clown.

    Bates was awful, McDonald was a disgrace and McManus is a fraud of a footballer.

    There is no doubt about it Boro are the worst side in the league and relegation is confirmed for me

  2. Al Glasgow says:

    My first game since Southgate’s last, I was caught up in the excitement, bought a ridiculously over priced spirit of 86 t shirt from the Boro shop, Decided this would be my youngest sons first game, as there would be a good atmosphere, and no doubt a win. My bets were 2-0, 3-0, 2-1 Boro and a worse case 1-1

    I can confirm, that this Boro team is the worst one I have ever seen. I never though any team could be as bad as the Lennie Lawrence team of 1994

    We were so slow, there was no pace in the team at all. We were passing to men 2 yards away in the middle when people were in acres of space on thee wings

    We were doing things, an Under 12’s team would be embarrassed doing on a Sunday morning. Young Luke Williams aside, no-one ran at Bristol City and gave them things to think about, till Kink came on, Though I’m still not sure even HE knows what he’s going to do half the time

    Robson and Thompson were awful, McManus often lost his man, Tavaras didn’t seem to know where he was, far too slow, not that it mattered in our team as he seemed on par with almost everyone else. Too many of our players are one footed and won’t take a chance with their weaker foot

    And as for Kris (give him the chance and he’ll score) Boyd, He should of had a hat-trick and he didn’t even look like he was trying in the 2nd half, the minute we went 2-1 down (albeit to a great goal) heads dropped and only Wheater seemed to have any urgency about himself

    We had more possession, more chances, more shots, and once again we lost. You can usually rely on James for a few fumbles or a parry straight to a waiting striker, however we rarely tested him, most of our shots failed to hit the target. At least Mowbray knows the task at hand now

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