Lamb to the slaughter!

After over a week of silence from Middlesbrough, finally we get a few words, unfortunately they were about the wrong subject.

The fans have been up in arms about Gordon Strachans comments after the Portsmouth game 10 days ago and have been waiting for an apology from within, or from the manager himself.

The silence has been deafening.

So how do we get the club to come out from under the floorboards?

Easy get a former manager in Gareth Southgate to come out in the national tabloids and say he didn’t sign £12.7 million for Alves.

He carried on by saying” There is a group of people, who make buying decision’s, but no I didn’t sign him”.

He also said, ” there was players I did want and didn’t get.  I wanted Brett Emmerton, we could have had him for £750,000. That was one were I was told,we had no money, but then years later we bought £12million Alves.”

The club finally found their tongues and the chief executive hit back at suggestions that the clubs all time record signing was foisted upon Southgate.

He carried on by saying” I’m personally surprised and disappointed, not only with the timing of Gareths announcement, but that he has chosen to make these comments at all.The truth is that in 25 years, I have been with the club, no player has been signed without the full agreement of both manager and chairman.The manager has always had the final say on potential signings,because it is his team and that was very much the case with Alves.”

So there you have it, one nice guy and one not so nice guy accusing each other of lying.

I will be honest, I had to laugh at the chief executives quotes, when he said he was personally surprised and disappointed, not only with the timing of the announcement, but that he has chosen to make these comments at all.

Doesn’t the chief executive understand that Gareth was surprised and disappointed with the timing when the club made him sit in front of the journalists, then they sacked him.

I cant believe he is surprised with Gareth making these comments at all. Gareth has probably been bottling things up and was gagged until he got paid up. I can only assume he has received his pay off and now he is letting off some steam.

There is only one way we will ever find out the truth, get both of them to go on The Jeremy Kyle show and face the lie detector test.

During Southgates reign, it was obvious he didn’t see eye to eye with the chief executive, they contradicted each other on so many different occasions.

Gareth was quoted as saying about the non involvement in the Alves signing,”you make a decision, you can walk out as Alan Curbishley did at West ham, but if I had done that, I might not have got another opportunity.”

Well Gareth should have stuck to his principles and walked. At the end of the day he got sacked and still has not had another opportunity to manage.

As a Boro fan, I hope it is Gareth who is being the deceitful one.

Because if its not it doesn’t bore well for the future of our football club.

2 Responses to “Lamb to the slaughter!”

  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I know who I believe, and It’s not the one still at our football club!!

  2. HolgateHero says:

    Probably Lamb and gibbo set the deal up and Southgate didn’t say ‘no’.

    While maybe not ‘full agreement’ you can see how both versions of events are accurate and a little biased trying to protect their own interests.

    “I didn’t walk as I may not have got another opportunity’ appears to indicate that Southgate was considering what was best for his future and not what the best thing for the club. Not the action of a highly principled man.

    The whole affair doesn’t make anyone look good, but southgate comes out of it like a bit of a pansy if you aske me.

    We all know what Lamb is, but this is a family show so we can’t go into that.

    Bernie, check this out, good to see you still have a lot of support amongst the boro faithful;

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