Chesterfield 1 Middlesbrough 2

Gordon Strachan made seven changes from the team, that were beaten against Ipswich on Saturday and for 60 odd minutes it was one way traffic.

Scott McDonald grabbed his second goal in two games after 8 minutes, with a nice side foot finish, Juilo Arca added a second in 33 minutes after a clanger from the goalkeeper, who could have thrown his cap on it.

Steel, Walker, Bennett, Williams and Grounds all gave a good account of themselves.

Chesterfield manager John Sheridan changed things into the second half and Boro were under pressure.

In 68 minutes Dwayne Mattis scored with a tremendous header, which threw the home team a life line, but Middlesbrough held on and marched through to the next round.

Overall I thought it was a good performance, the passing was neat and tidy and we created several chances.

Strachans 4-3-3 formation worked well on the night, up until Chesterfield changed their tactics and flooded the midfield.

It was interesting, Brad Jones who travelled, didn’t make the team sheet. Is that an indication he is on his way to pastures new?

On the subject of goalkeepers, we had ex Boro goalkeeper Mark Crossley on the Real Radio Legends before the game and I asked his opinion on the big Aussie goalie, he rated him very highly and said he would refuse the bid from Liverpool and hang onto him.

How important was it to progress to the next round and who was your man of the match?

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  1. gary says:

    i think there was a few people for candidates.the young keeper did really well was impressed with him.I thought Litta played well plenty of movement and proved he can be unselfish..But man of the match i think.was Wheater, ive slagged him off a bit lately but he played really well and controlled the deffence

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    I wasnt too impressed with last nights game

    I think we had a good 20 minute spell where we scored twice, with one being very fortunate, Chesterfield had a better spell in the 2nd half and were unlucky not to get 2.

    The 3 up front seemed to work, but we cant use in the league, Boyd would have to be the front man, and Lita is not good enough to play wide so thats out of contention, and we could pummeled with 4 midfielders on saturday, 3 would be worse.

    Lita was my Man of the match, I thought Williams, Grounds, Bennett and Bailey were poor, Hoyte was shocking and at fault for the goal, Grounds should have been off. Steele and Walker should be happy with themselves playing themselves into contention

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    I would give Lita my man of the match he set Mcdonald up for the first goal and looked bright for the whole game with some good link up play.He should have scored at the end with his one on one chance but i think he did well.Wheater was a close second though he looked very solid and recovered well from Saturdays nightmare so credit to him.The formation worked well until it was sussed out by the opposition but the result and performance all in all was decent.Hopefully the result will gee the lads up that come back because we must get something on Saturday at Leicester and Lita maybe worth a start purely because his movement can create chances as was evident last night.

  4. BOROBOYCAL1 says:

    hi bernie, gary i think the match was good chance for some of the young lads to step in and show what they can do and i was very impressed with what i saw, i would like to see williams abit more in future matches i think hes a good little player and steel was great in goal we dont need jones let him go. it was good to see arca get a goal for a change for me a good cup run is vital. i think wheater was right to get man of the match a good solid performance scott mcdonald had a good game saw him track back a few times to pick up the piceses and looks strong and confident on the ball.

  5. Kev B says:

    Lita had his best game I’ve seen for Boro, and he played the system well. Whats with all the abuse Arca gets? Thought he did ok last Sat against Ipswich .. and played well in the Carling Cup on Tuesday. Ok, he isn’t the best keeper I’ve seen in a Boro shirt, but the boo boys need to lay off. Same as Jones. If we sell, good luck to him, the way he’s been treat by Boro “fans” is a disgrace. Good to see a confident performance by Steele tho, certainly one for the future, but too early to rely on him full time in my opinion.
    What’s your opinion on overpaid, overweight and over-opinionated Mido Bernie? Not fit to lace the boots of legendary Boro strikers from down the years … you included Bernie!!

  6. bernieslaven says:

    HI Kev B

    I said when we signed him, that we shouldn’t have touched him with a barge pole, another £6million down the swanny.

    Your right in saying he is overweight and overpaid the thing you missed out was, he is overated.

    The quicker we get rid of him the better.

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