England v Slovenia the result.

In the opening 20 Min’s England looked nervy, but after the breakthrough by Defoe, there was only going to be 1 winner.

England showed all the qualities that were lacking in the 2 previous games.

Attitude and commitment were very good and at last they had a fire in their bellies.

My only criticism of the team was, Slovenia should have been put to bed earlier, England should have scored at least 3 or 4 goals.

Slovenia like the U.S.A and Algeria were good technically, but in the last 3rd they were powder-puff.

The good news is England qualified for the last 16. Finishing 2nd in a weak group,not so good.

Now England take on Germany, a team who have only failed once in 72 years to qualify for the quarter finals of the World Cup.

England will be the underdogs because of the way they have played, personally I think they will struggle.

What do you think?……….

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  1. Lee Lamb says:

    def a better performance but doubt its good enough to beat the germans, unless they up thier game again i think we will be out in the next round.
    Rooney is just not himself at the min, heskey personally i think is a waste of space, defoe is doing ok and crouch also is playing very medicore, still think Bent should have been there after seeing the last 3 performances from our supposedly BEST strikers in the country.

  2. Bandy says:

    I think England will struggle aswell. The Germans, as usual, will be a well oiled machine. They will play to a disciplined system and they will set up to combat the threat of our best attacking options. This is what they do well. I think we could be in for a very frustrating afternoon, and probably a dull game which the Germans might nick one nil or 2-1.

    England opened up slovenia countless times but we have to take into account, they are a very average side. The hype that comes after a victory generally turns to despair.

  3. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Lee-
    Rooney has been a shadow of himself, Heskey clumbersome at times and doesn’t score goals, Defoe not greatly involved in the game against Slovenia, but could have still walked away with the match ball, Crouch not really seen him as yet but you cant ignore his terrific goal scoring ratio at international level. Regarding Bent, I personally would have taken him, to finish 3rd top scorer in the premier league behind Drogba and Rooney, is no mean feat, especially playing in a average side. Capello did say he would take players who were playing regular and in form, well obviously this didn’t apply to bent. He has played more games than Heskey and Crouch put together.
    Talking about strikers, could Wayne Rooney go through the competition without scoring a goal?

    Hi Bandy

    You have finally got the rose tinted glasses off, I wish you would take them off when your watching the Boro.

  4. Bandy says:

    Slav, as you well know I always dish out the constructive criticism when it comes to the Boro. If we hadnt have been so crap for so many years i wouldnt have too and I could countinue to walk the streets in my Boro goggles!

  5. Al Glasgow says:

    I don’t fancy Rooney to get a goal at this World Cup… He didn’t get a single goal or assist at the last World Cup either, so statistically speaking, with his one Assist Heskey is better at performing at World Cups than Rooney. LOL

  6. ccole says:

    We are in good company by not having a good start to the 2010 world cup, and better off than a few other big names.
    Our start is no worse than Italia 90 or Mexico 86 and we went on to have our best world cups away from these shores. On another day, and without a goal keeping gift, we would have deservedly won our first game, and went on to top the group with two wins and a draw, a record only beaten by two others in South Africa.
    We have beaten Germany in 3 of the last five meetings, and this is the worse Germany team we have played for a while. They also have looked very far from been World Champions in this tournament.
    Will we win? I am not sure, but I am sure the Germans are as just as worried about a team that just six months ago could do no wrong. Let be positive, life is much more fun when you are.
    C’mon England…

  7. Al Glasgow says:

    I’m quietly confident, this could be our year to lay a few ghosts of World Cup Past to rest…first the Germans for 90, Then the Argies for 86, Then Portugal for 2006 then Brazil 2002 in the Final…but I actually fancy Holland to reach the Final

  8. bernieslaven says:

    Hi CCole-

    The 1 stat you have missed out is that Germany have only failed once in 72 years to make it into the quarter finals of the World Cup. Finishing 2nd in an average group has made life very , very difficult.
    Germany, Argentina, Spain , Brazil could all get in the way of England lifting the trophy.

    Is the team good enough to go all the way? Of course not, defensively England have not been tested as yet USA, Algeria, Slovenia were all poor in the last 3rd. From here on the opposition will attack.

    Can England beat germany? Of course they can.

    Regarding being positive, how can you be positive with what you have witnessed so far?

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